What women really want from their husbands

We all have emotional needs in a long-term relationship regardless of gender. Some of these emotional needs include to love and feel loved, to feel important and special, to feel like someone has your back. These emotional needs are dependent upon the individual and their internal make-up. Although you will not wither away and die without these things, we tend to feel rather deprived and disconnected without them.

On the other hand, we have "wants."  These are what we believe we should get from our partners to have a satisfying relationship. Men and women want a lot of the same things from a significant other. But, there are some differences that seem to be more thematic of a particular gender. If you pay close attention to these ways to make your wife feel loved and appreciated, there's a very high probability you will get your wants fulfilled as well! 

Here is a list of some of those things that many women often want from their husbands. They are not listed in any particular order or rank.


 Telling Her Daily That She is Lovekiss

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Everyone wants to be affirmed. Everyone wants to know they are loved. Women really feel good when they hear the word "I love you" but, remember that indirect ways can also work. In fact, the best ways to say "I love you" are usually in simple, everyday, seemingly unimportant ways like an unexpected hug or holding hands when you walk together.  

Understanding and Forgivenesssurprised

There will be days when your wife will make mistakes or when she will be difficult to be around. No one is perfect. She both wants and deserves your willingness to understand and forgive her. Remember that no relationship, and especially marriage, can be sustained without forgiveness.

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Women especially want you to understand that hormonal fluctuation that impacts her mood are very real! Don't make fun of her or say she's "crazy." Be empathic and understanding instead. 


Real Conversation

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Don't let your conversations with your wife dwindle to nothing but talk about your kids, your jobs, and the weather.  If that happens, your marital relationship could be in real trouble. There is lots more to talk about. In fact, there is something critical for couples to talk about every day that will help make their marriage last: feelings and emotions. Deep and real conversations will help you to stay connected and bonded in your marriage.


Quality Time with Her (and Your Children)

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Having quality time with your wife and kids isn't something that just happens. You have to make it happen by not only making the plans but by following through. Time with those you love has to be a high priority for you. Also keep in mind that she is your wife, not just the mother of your children. Make an effort to romance and date her and never stop!


Say "Yes" More Than Saying "No"

Say "Yes" More Than "No"

Habitual negative responses to your wife and kids can push them away from you. Think twice before saying "no" and you will be surprised at how saying "yes" can improve your relationships. A pessimistic outlook on life is also not attractive. Be someone your wife wants to be around.


Listen Well

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It's really disheartening for a wife to share her thoughts and feelings with her mate and then realize that he didn't actually listen to her. Your wife wants you to not only listen with your ears but to listen with your heart. According to research, men who respect their wives opinions have much happier marriages! And, guess what, she often times will be right!


Affection and Kindness

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How often do you say "please" or "thank you" or give your spouse an unexpected kiss? Unfortunately, some married couples forget that being kind and affectionate to one another are keys to a successful marriage. Think about when you were boyfriend and girlfriend. These were behaviors you probably did regularly and spontaneously. There's no reason they should stop and are even more important when you are married. 


Share Household and Child Rearing Responsibilities

Doing Chores

One of the main reasons couples fight is conflict over who is doing what around the house. Chores and child care are not the sole responsibility of your wife. She shouldn't have to ask you to do your share around the house. You will be a hero in her eyes if you readily help when asked or take care of some chores before she asks.  


A Day Off Now and Then

Hourglass Time

Don't fuss about your wife taking a day off several times a month. This means that she will be free from worrying about what is happening with the kids, the house, the pets, and you. She deserves this break in her schedule and she needs to provide it for herself to be emotionally and physically healthy.


Commitment to Take Care of Yourself Both Physically and Emotionally

Healthy Living

Many men are notorious for not taking care of themselves when it comes to health issues. This isn't fair to your wife. She is your lover -- not your mother. Take responsibility for your own health concerns. And don't become a helpless baby when you are sick. These problems drive wives nuts! 

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